Ocean Walker

by Darger.

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released July 15, 2012



all rights reserved


Darger. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Look at All the Bikes
Not to be remiss but there were about 1500 things going through my head
All of them seeming to step on the toes of what the previous and latter would have said
All discrepancies aside, I know the difference between morality and practicality from what they both benefit from me
Have you ever felt so goddamned alive like at Kent State 1970?
Ohio profoundly stood in light of all things so grey and so symbolic
We stood as monuments, effigies to all things not of flesh and bone
Peace signs in war time mean nothing to me war is in itself peace
Both of them are intrinsic necessities.
Have you ever felt so goddamned alive
Now i ask you, have you ever felt so fucking alive like and Kent State 1970?
Track Name: Pills Here
I have got a sickness and I can't seem to find a cure.
I've exhausted my options now I'm passed out on the floor
And I don't even know why or how to get better, but I know that I must finally reconcile this.
Oh fuck. Oh mighty god. Oh no, I...
I have got a weakness and I can't seem to find strength.
I've exhausted my body now I'm passed out.
Now I think I might go for a walk or maybe take a nap
But I know that whatever I decide
I know I better... I better get better
Oh no, I...
Or I can't face myself
Oh lord, I can't face the truth
For if I do, I won't be able to wake up at all tomorrow.
Track Name: Pisces
My love, hate fear of the ocean is something to be admired
If only for that its in itself a paradox
As I walk along to far and distant places all I can think of is where I ought to be.
I dream so much all the time when I should be thinking about my responsibilities.y